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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Dengan menyebut nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang

Entry yg lepas ak da cerita about PRODUCT..now ! entry kali ni aku akan cerita pasal MARKETING PLAN...atau dlm bahasa melayu kito..PELAN PEMASARAN.....Ramai yg ckp, "alaaa..company baru,marketing plan baru..product baru nk cuba2 masuk pasaran...2 3 tahun confirm bungkus.,,"...yes ! people said !! BUT..the different is with PHYTOSCIENCE.....
1-Company still stand still for 2 years already and monthly sales as for now is $40million.
2- Company already produced more than 60 billionaires so far and more to come..
3- Expand to over 16 countries in 2 years time
4- Entitled no 2 as Company most rapid growth in Asia.
Now most of u mesti fikir,,how come la company baru ni bole growth sgt cepat ??!!..previous entry ak ad state yg our company have a GOOD PRODUCT with Liability 3 Juta Ringgit Malaysia..have u seen any company who put product liability RM3juta on the product itself??..from there I knew already this company is not small and bukan calang2 company..
Senang sahaja nk mula..perlu faham 2 perkara bila nak start buat business:
1)Return of Investment (Pulangan)
2) Risk (Risiko)
Perlu faham business can be divided by two types,that is Conventional and Network Marketing..and setiap perniagaan mesti ada Product,sama seperti kalau nk bukak Hair Salon,mesti nk one product iaitu shampoo,conditioner,same as nk bukak kedai runcit,perlu ada products such as,gula,tepung,sayur n etc. 
Nowadays,when people heard bout "Network Marketing",everybody will think.. "Alaaaa..nk kne jual product,kne buat demo,kena cari org"...Pe yg melucukan tu ramai kt luar sana takot nk buat MLM disebabkan oleh soalan di atas,sdgkan kalau kita pergi tgk wyg.. Let say "Fast and Furious 7",esok nya,one of our colleague ask,"Best ke Fast 7"..what we will ans?.."best..pegilah tgk,"..scenario begini,secara tidak sedar,kita da buat free promoting or free marketing to GSC or TGV,definetly confirm ur colleague will go and watch movie next day either with gf/bf,family and frens.without realizing,u actually doing free work to Cinema without being paid.As conclusion,that's how network marketing works,suka atau tidak suka,everyday we must meeting people,otherwise dgn sapa lg nk buat business kalau bukan dgn Manusia..betol ?
Back to 2 things:in order to start network marketing or any multi level business u must know these few facts in order for u to success and become financial freedom:
1)Small investment (capital)
2)Return of investment must be high
3)Risk is low
4)Company must be fresh,so that u can be pioneer
Alright,now I bet all of u understand few major important things in order to start business.Back to our company,Phytoscience,marketing plan is as small as u can ever think off..that is RM305,*after GST*..time ak sign up dlu belom GST lg..so murah sikit Lah..but not much different.What really captured my mind to do this business is ROI and RISK is low..and in phytoscience u can earn almost 87% bonus back to us..u tell me,company mane yg sanggup nk bg profit setinggi 87%..Amazing right??...and i forgot to tell,phytoscience practiced binary system..so,kpd siapa2 yg risau and malas sgt nk cari org,phytoscience is the best platform becoz WE ONLY NEED 2 PEOPLE..the power of 2..tak payah cari ramai2..as i said before,now,u nak buat business dah TAK PERLU JUAL PRODUCT,u just selling business oppurtunity and share it with people that need extra income.
Last but not least,those who interested to know more bout how easy u can make money with Phytoscience an become financial freedom,come join me..we just started and we need extraordinary person like u to join us..dont forget to contact me ! whatsapp sahaja.. =)

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